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Water & Wood is an annual art & photography exhibit in South Bay. The inaugural event is being held Feb 11-18th 2017, at Hermosa Design in Hermosa Beach. The event will showcase over 35 artists and photographers – both local and nationally recognized artists. The artists will be showing their interpretation of the Water & Wood concept – ranging from fine art (painting), photography, mixed media, and sculptures (including surfboards).

The audience will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite pieces throughout the week, which will be awarded gift packages from local sponsors on the closing night, Saturday Feb 18th. The purpose of the voting is audience engagement and interaction with the exhibit.

We look forward to your participation, art submissions, and partnerships in making this South Bay event come to life. The event hours will be:

Saturdays 4-9pm

Sunday-Friday 10am-6pm

To submit your work, click HERE

For more questions, please email Rafael@rafaelmcmaster.com


Don Adkins

Violette Alshin

Josh Barnes

Kathy Bauer

Amaloa Bonvecchio

Emily Brantley

Judi Cahill

Kerry Callahan

Nicole Casares

Mike Collins

Alex Diffin

Jeff Fieger

Ava Fielder

Amy Friedberg

Joanna Garel

Valerie van Gelder

LG Givot

Pauline Gola

Hanna Hancock

Andrew Harley

Michael Harrington

David Harris

Sharon Jackman

Brian Kingston

Paula Langston

Drica Lobo

Snygg Mas

Scott McFarlane

Rafael McMaster

Tasha McMaster

Malia Miller

Janice Nigro

Balthasar Ngo

Salome Ngo

Keira Nojima

Austin Nunis

Jason Olive

Erica Pang

Paul Papanek

Lisa Pedersen

Sofia Prenter

Ellen Puderbaugh

Eric Michael Rauseo

Ken Reiter

Paul Roustan

Cody Schneider

Laura Schuler

Karen Sikie

Holly Socrates

Daniel Sofer

Amy Stewart

Tricia Strickfaden

Joan Tucker

Tammie Valer

Max Yasment

Lisa Williams



Hermosa Design
618 Cypress Ave,
Hermosa Beach, CA


Rafael McMaster 310-297-0003