Water & Wood 2020

Please join us and SouthBay Magazine for the 4th annual exhibit of over 85 artists and photographers, celebrating and creating, expressing and exploring, reimagining and remixing, pigments and pixels, – through the brush and the lens: Water & Wood.


Opening Night: Saturday March 28, 5pm-9pm

Weekday Hours: M-F 9am-5:30pm

Closing Night: Saturday April 4, 5pm-9pm


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To submit your work, click HERE

For more questions, please email us at info@southbayartistcollective.org


Alison Corteen

Amelia Mcrae

Andre Snyman

Bev Baigent

Brandon Nonaka

Brian Kingston

Carsten Bund

Chris Taylor

Curtis Maddox

Dan Gardner

Diana Flynn

Drica Lobo

Emily Brantley

Eric Sanders

Erin Caceres

Janet Soliman

Janice Schultz

Josh Barnes

Keira Nojima

Kerry Stitt

Kevin Gilligan

Lynnie Sterba

Matt Wessen

Micheal Harrington

Rafael McMaster

Robin Lebowe

Sabrina Armitage

Samantha Schwatz

Sara Carli

Sara Webster

Wendy Stillman

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